No updates or anything;  I’ve been doing holiday stuff, so there probably won’t be another one until after Christmas.  I just wanted to say thanks to everyone who follows this blog and supports what I’m doin’ here.  Y’all are fantastic.


Have a super happy, fun, safe holiday, and I’ll see y’all in 2014!

10,000 Views!!! (Also, quick Master Redux Update…)

What’s goin’ on, guys?

Over the weekend, which was filled with a TPK of my D&D group, my favorite football team blowing a 23-point halftime lead, and an 8-game Awesomenauts losing streak, I hopped on here and saw that I had 10,082 total views on my blog!

That, along with the impressively massive amounts of beer consumed last night, helped a lot.  So, thank you.  Thank you all very much.  I’m glad there’s still a great community of FFIX players out there!

Speaking of a great community, I’d really like to get the forum going – meeting y’all would be super cool 😀 so head on over to ffixblog.proboards.com and we can hang out and talk about awesome stuff, like FFIX and… whatever else, really ^^

So, Tetr-*COUGH COUGH AHEM* Master Redux Update…  I’ve been working my ass off.  I completed some basic HTML, CSS, and JavaScript tutorials over at codeacademy.com, and they were super free and super helpful to get started.  Now, I’m heading over to udacity.com to take a HTML5 Game Programming course!  It’s coming along slowly, but every hour I work is an hour closer to an awesome, awesome game being released for all to enjoy 🙂

Y’all are freakin’ awesome, and I love ya.  Happy Holidays!  Don’t get too drunk!  You know I will!

Tetra Master Redux Update: Week 5

Hey Y’all,

I thought I’d give some updates while I was working on this, as opposed to not giving any at all!

Okay, so here goes:  First off, I wrote out all the “logic” for the game in C++.  All the rules are set up;  when you start the game, two hands of five cards populate, and you can play until the end.  There aren’t any graphics at the moment (it’s all text-based), but the rules work, and that’s pretty great, right?

It is, but now we’re taking it in a different direction.

I’ve been talking with people online, and I think what would be really cool would be a browser-based system, where a player can login, have their own individual inventories, and join a lobby where they can challenge others online.  No downloads needed.  So, the past week or so, I’ve been learning jQuery and JavaScript as quickly as I possibly can.  Once this is done, I’ll start work on an awesome browser-based edition of TMR (oh, and that’s the working title I came up with – Tetra Master Redux).

Stay tuned 🙂