Master Redux Hiatus and a Continuation of my Kingdom Hearts Adventure

Hey Y’all,

I’ll be honest.  This Master Redux thing has burned me out.  I’ve been working my butt off, but I simply think I don’t know enough JavaScript to continue work effectively on the project right now.  I tried using this thing called Emscripten to translate my C++ into JS, but it kinda seemed like a pipe dream from the start;  besides, even if it worked, it’d be really hard to debug/add any functionality :/  so for now, the Master Redux plans are on hold.  I’m going to keep learning how to program, and we’ll see what happens.

Also, I’m around level 30 in Kingdom Hearts.  Just saved Pinocchio from Monstro.  As I suspected, Riku is a dick.  AND YAY I FOUND A FFIX REFERENCE IN MONSTRO 😀

Look Familiar?

Anyway, I just wanted to let you guys know.  I’m sorry to all who were really looking forward to a playable Tetra Master port anytime soon – it’s just really hard to do on your own, especially when you really are learning JS/HTML/CSS from scratch.  I’ll keep plugging away, but it’s gonna be a while, unless a JS expert falls into my lap.


Love y’all,


My Kingdom Hearts Adventure Continues – Wonderland, Coliseum, TARZAN

So over the past few days, I’ve blasted through all of Wonderland, the Coliseum, and the Deep Jungle.  Here are my impressions:

The White Rabbit probably had my favorite line of dialogue in Wonderland. If you talk to him after Alice disappears, he says “The trial will continue after you find and return the guilty party”. Hilarious.

Wonderland was pretty cool – I actually got some pretty intense motion sickness when you’re entering the Bizarre Room from all those different angles, but besides that, it was super fun.  I had a buddy over, and I let him play when we were near the Trickmaster.  When I realized it was a boss, I requested the controller back.  My friend (let’s just call him… “Alex”), a consummate troll, replies with a long “NOOOOOOOOPE”.

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Final Fantasy VI Movie Costume Auction

I wrote up a blog post in May, talking about “Final Fantasy VI: Terra”, an independent film based around the events of FFVI.

Unfortunately, things didn’t work out – Squeenix wouldn’t allow the Terra team to run any crowd-funding, so they didn’t have the budget to continue.  Definitely sucks.  However, they’re running auctions for all of the costumes that were created for inclusion in the movie (including a Locke, Terra, and even a Kefka costume);  even though the movie won’t be happening, this is a great way to support a wonderful team and an awesome idea.

Terra team:  You guys did your best, and it was a fantastic effort.  Very well done!

Kingdom Hearts 1.5 HD ReMIX Playthrough: Traverse Town

Hi Everybody!

So I played some more KH this weekend, and I must say, this game is growing on me more than I thought it would.  Seriously, upgrading from a tiny TV to a big one has made a world of difference – I can actually see what’s going on!  Yay!
A few thoughts as I made it through to the end of the first stint in Traverse Town:

–  I’m loving all the FF characters!  So many!  It’s wonderful!  It also has my third-favorite Cid;  of course, my favorite is FFIX’s Cid (can’t go wrong with that mustache), and FFIV’s is sweet, too, but FFVII Cid is a total badass.  Love it.

He may not be as good in battle, but FFIX Cid has got the mustache and the threads to make the ladies swoon #swag #ballerstatus

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New Year, New Games, New Updates, New Episodes! Also, Kingdom Hearts!

HAPPY NEW YEAR EVERYBODY!  :DDDD  I hope your 2014 is filled with awesome stuff!

Before I get into talking about what I’m going to talk about later, I’m going to talk about what I’m gonna talk about now, which is New Years Resolutions.  I think they’ve been getting a bad rap in recent years – I’ve heard so many people say “It’s just an arbitrary passage of time that really doesn’t matter, why make a resolution?”.  Well, how about this:  It’s a chance to make a change.  To do something you want to do that you didn’t in the past year.  Is it arbitrary?  Yes.  Totally.  But why do you need a non-arbitrary event to make a change?  If the change that you make, if the resolution you keep, is something that you want to do, who cares where you got up the gumption to do it?  Just do it, man.

I’ve exercised every day this January, along with doing a bit of drawing.  Those are two things I’ve wanted to do, so I decided to just do them and do my best to stick with it.  It’s fun, so I think I will follow through for the foreseeable future.  Why?  Because, yes, a completely random event associated with making changes helped me to decide to make a change.  That’s good enough for me.

NOW.  UPDATES.  My inkling is that, sometime this month, I’m going to do my first episode of the rebooted FFIX LP with a bunch of my friends.  One of this blog’s subscribers, bless her soul, said that she would do sound/video editing for us.  Which makes her effin’ awesome.  Thank you so much, Karina!  😀
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