Happy Birthday FinalFantasyIX.com!

Damn.  Year 1, already complete!

Just a quick overview of what has happened at FFIXBlog over the past year:

–  13,000 page views
–  69 posts (neheheheheheheh)
–  Almost 200 followers
–  Created a forum with a few members
–  A super-cool poster contest, with one of the followers winning “The Art of Final Fantasy IX” art book
–  A text-based C++ version of Tetra Master (yes, it’s utter shit right now, but hey, if you know JavaScript, hit me up!)
–  A few interviews with people who worked on FFIX
–  Me having a buttload of fun writing about my favorite game of all time
–  I’ve even got a couple of bucks donated!

Man, it’s been awesome, guys, really.  Thanks so much.

A reminder that this is your site, too – if you wanna contribute an article or start a topic on the forum, etc., etc., please do!  I’d love for there to be a nice community around this site and Final Fantasy IX in general 🙂

Have a super day, guys!  I’m working on writing something up about the ending of KH, too (which I finished).  Great game.

Also, I’ll be starting up a new blog, broetry.com, where I will be writing beer-swillin’, backwards-snapback-wearin’, ridiculous poetry.  It’ll probably be up next month.