My name’s Casey, and I’m the owner of this little blog, here.  I love Final Fantasy IX;  not only do I think it’s an incredible video game, but I think that it has a lot to offer on many different levels, including philosophical, spiritual, and artistic.

This is a very freeform blog, and I will accept blog posts from most anyone.  If you’re interested in submitting a post (or helping in any other way), hit me up at ffixblog@gmail.com.

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  1. It is, undoubtedly, a great video game, but, in my opinion, the love story between Squall and Rinoa in FFVIII surpasses the love between Zidane and Garnet (or Dagger) =P

    • HOW DARE YOU GTFO :p what is it that you like about the Rinoa/Squall relationship (or what is it that you find lacking in the Zidane/Garnet one)? Or is it more of a personal preference thing?

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