14 Reasons Why Final Fantasy IX is Still the Best

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To celebrate Final Fantasy IX turning 14 last week, here are 14 ways the game still holds up.

1.  It Introduced One of the Most Iconic Characters in the Series

Square Enix

He’s not the first Black Mage, but he’s definitely the most depressingly adorable.


2.  It’s an Homage to the Rest of the Series

Yoshitaka Amano

Let’s just say this isn’t the first time we’ve seen this baddie.


3.  In a Series Known for its Great Music, It’s Got the Best Soundtrack


Don’t believe me?  Just ask this guy, the lead composer for almost every Final Fantasy game.


4.  Seriously though, it’s the best.  Uematsu, after being asked to make around 20 tracks for the game, made “about 160” tracks.  Because he was obsessed.  You can tell.

ffix bodybuilder 2


5.  After the Dark, Futuristic Settings of FFVII and VIII, It Brought Final Fantasy Back to a Bright, Beautiful World

fanpop, Square Enix

Bright, Beautiful Worlds – the original BBWs.


6.  Plus:  Airships, Airships everywhere!



7.  It Had Some of the Best Side Characters of Any Game.

ffix-tantalus_designBlank and Marcus FTW.


8.  And After the Brooding Protagonists of FFVII and VIII, Zidane Was a Breath of Fresh Air.


Sexy fresh air.


9.  The Main Characters Go Through So Much, Both Individually and as a Group…



10.  …  But Through it All, They’re There for Each Other.



11.  At The End of the Day, Final Fantasy IX Has its Share of Lightheartedness and Humor…



12.  …  And its Share of Heart-Wrenching Moments…



13.  …  It’s Really a Story About Friendship…


…  Freedom… 



14.  …  And Love.




7 thoughts on “14 Reasons Why Final Fantasy IX is Still the Best

  1. I couldn’t agree more! Final Fantasy IX remains one of my favorite games in the series because of the music and the lightheartedness of the characters. Also I’m pretty sure I’d rather replay through Vivi and Quina’s wedding than Yuna’s and Seymour’s anyday! xD

    • I love how it’s lighthearted, while still addressing some very, very heavy subjects (personal identity, loss of loved ones, etc.). Just goes to show you don’t need a Debbie Downer of a protagonist to get your point across!

  2. It’s got the best cutscenes. Here’s my list of favourite cutscenes in Final Fantasy IX:

    -The escape from Alexandria when Brahne’s firing cannons at the theatre ship. You know then that s***’s getting serious.

    -Escape from Dark Forest. The heart pounding chase between the protagonists and the rose monsters got you going, and Blank’s sacrifice was truly noble.

    -The Black Waltz killing the Black Mages. Shows how evil the Black Waltz is and Vivi’s reaction to it was heart breaking.

    -Black Waltz chase scene. Show’s Garnet taking charge, Vivi being badass and the music was to die for.

    -Kuja flying away from Burmecia. Showing the fallen heroes see the main villain and his theme and seeing him fly off on the white dragon showed his badassery.

    -Odin destroying Cleyra. You were for quite a while, seeing the refugees and their struggle and seeing Brahne’s use Odin to destroy it was a great shock.

    -Atomos destroying Lindblum. Again, you’ve been in Lindblum and seeing it too getting destroyed and Garnet’s heartbreaking reaction hits you where it hurts.

    -Bahamut destroying Alexandria. It came right out of left wing and seeing even Alexandria destroyed and Garnet’s horrified look made your jaw drop.

    -Zidane rescuing Garnet from falling. It was akin to the rope swing they did the first time, and was really symbolic; Zidane couldn’t face Garnet after her becoming queen, but when her life is in danger, he rushes to her aid as her white knight.

    -Garnet cutting her hair. So in Japanese lore, cutting your hair is a sign of newly found determination, well it’s no different here. Always we saw Garnet try and be strong, but now, she is strong and finally goes on the offensive with the parts to come.

    -The portal to Terra. Beautiful visuals. That is all.

    -Battle of the White Dragons. Seeing little hope against an army of white dragons but then getting a huge hope boost as the Lindblum fleet swoops in to help was the ultimate “F*** YEAH!!!” Moments.

    -Zidane’s rush to rescue Kuja, even after battling Kuja to submission and destroying a literal God, Zidane shows he still got the moves.

    -The final scene when Garnet and Zidane reunite. Very heart touching and a brilliant way to end the best game of all time.

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